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When the time comes to make the replacement decision of your home’s heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality products, weigh all of your options. How long do you plan to stay in your home? How high are your utility costs? Does anyone suffer from allergies or asthma? What temperature do you like to keep your home? Does that vary by time of day? Do you have any uncomfortable rooms or spaces in your home? Are you concerned about global warming? What is the life cost of these new products? Is your home dusty? Do you get electrostatic shocks or bloody noses? Does the sound of your current system annoy or concern you? This is a small part of all the questions to be answered as you make an informed buying decision.

Burnsville Heating & Air Conditioning

In our 25 years, Burnsville Heating & Air Conditioning has consulted with thousands of Twin Cities homeowners in arriving at the best value choice for their comfort needs. We have taken our role asyour trusted advisor very seriously and chosen the best products available to represent and install, so you can feel confident your money is being well spent. We know that many of you have never made the buying decision for a heating, air conditioning, ventilation or indoor air quality system and the comfort of your family. This can be a very uncomfortable feeling, when you don’t have experience to assist you, in making a confident decision from a position of knowledge and understanding. The equipment we have chosen to align ourselves and our reputation with can put your mind at ease. We offer the best products, at the best value and we recommend Bryant..

This is our passion

We are passionate about our role as your trusted advisor and consultant and our role of protecting our planet. Global warming is for real and the decisions we make do effect this change. I have been told that an improvement of just 3% in the efficiency of your home furnace is equivalent to removing the CO2 emissions of one car from the road. Imagine if all of us improved the efficiency of our furnace by 20% to 40%. We also install the ozone friendly 410A refrigerant air conditioners. All air conditioners manufactured after 2010 must use this refrigerant and can no longer use the ozone depleting refrigerant R-22.


High efficiency heating and cooling equipment can pay for itself through gas and electrical savings. Many of these products carry the Energy Star label, and use the state of the art ECM motor. An ECM motor uses the equivalent of one (1) 100 watt light bulb of electricity compared to a standard PSC motor, which uses the equivalent of five (5) 100 watt light bulbs.

An ECM motor running all the time improves temperature (no stratification) humidity and filtration. Also, the equipment (furnace and air conditioner) cycle much less due to temperature mixing.

Multi-stage heating saves energy and York’s new modulating furnace saves the most of all. York’s new modulating furnace operates as low as 35% of capacity and ramps up at 1% increments to meet the heat loss of the space. The most efficient, comfortable technology every created. Long run time at low temperature means the greatest possible comfort.

“Saving the world, one mechanical system at a time.”